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Dated: 01/10/2017

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I was born and raised in Las Vegas and have done many things in my short lifetime but what has always had my interest, was real estate. I think being raised in Vegas has given me a short advantage. 

Along with knowing the locations and being familiar with the valley, I know many stories that accompany some of the neighborhoods. I have to say that seeing this city grow is an experience in itself. 

As a bartender, I would always be asked if I lived here in Vegas. I know, seems like a silly question, but that's just it, people don't realize that there is a whole city our there. Whats great is being able to describe the different areas of town, the different amenities each area has and how big our little city is. Not to mention the world class dining we have in Vegas.  

One thing you don't get to do as a native growing up in Vegas is root for a home sports team. No, I'm not talking about one of the greatest college basketball teams (90-91 Running Rebels), I'm talking about a professional team. That will change this year. I'm excited to say that the Vegas Golden Knights (NHL) will be the first professional team here in Las Vegas.

Thank you for taking your time to read this, I do understand your time is limited. It's my hope that in the future you will come back for more informative information on Vegas and its real estate.  

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