Mistakes First Time Home Buyers Make

Dated: 10/20/2017

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Do you want to buy your first home? There are many steps to buying a home besides curb appeal and interior features. 

Some things you need to do before buying a home are..

1. Get approved for a mortgage.

2. Find the right real estate agent.

3. Find your ideal home that will match your budget.

Now these are the top mistakes that first time home buyers can make.

Not getting the professional help you need.

When buying a home, to make the process go smooth, you should find a good and knowledgeable realtor and a reputable loan officer or broker. When buying a home, try not to go directly to the listing agent, or you may risk the fact that the listing agent may only show you his or her listings. Use an agent that will show you properties in your budget and criteria. Overall in the end you will be happier and represented to the fullest. 

Using all your savings on the down payment

Using every drop of your savings to spend on a 20% down payment on a home to avoid mortgage insurance is a risky thing to do. Always have money for rainy days. That itself is worth more than paying for mortgage insurance. Do your research and find a low down payment mortgage. 

Getting new loans before the deal is closed. 

You're closing in thirty days on your dream home and to celebrate you get a loan for that new furniture or new car. New loans on your credit report before closing can jeaprodize a deal. Always wait until after the deal closes before you make another big purchase with a loan.

Looking for a home before getting qualified

Dont be afraid to get pre-qualified or getting pre-approved for a loan. Its always better to find out how much you can spend and look accordingly than to find a house you love and find out you dont qualify for it.

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