8 Tips To Sell Your House Faster And For More Money

Dated: 12/09/2017

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8 Tips to Sell your Home Faster and For More Money

If you're trying to sell your home, you probably want to do it fast and for top dollar right? Here are the top eight tips to doing just that.

1.Price it right

If you really are serious about selling your home it's probably best that you price it where it will sell. It is a huge mistake to price it high and hope for someone that will fall in love and over pay for it, because that almost never happens. Then you have to do multiple price reductions to bring it to market value, so buyers may think something is wrong with it. That's why it is best to list your home at the market price, this not only causes more traffic to the home but can also cause a bidding war to bring up the price. Which is exactly what you want.

2.Hire the right agent

This step is crucial, hiring the right agent can determine how fast it will sell and how much it will sell for. Make sure your agent is willing to negotiate the best deal for you and perform the proper marketing on the property. When listing your house watch out for the "discount broker." Commission in Nevada is 100% negotiable, but if you come across an agent that says they will list your house for a lower price that can mean two things. 

1. They are desperate for a listing. 

2. They don't value their own work or services. 

Besides if a realtor can't negotiate their own commission, how well do you think they will negotiate offers on your house?

3.Professional Photos

Make sure your agent hires a professional photographer when taking pictures of the home. These pictures are going to be on tons of websites so make sure they are done correctly. Professional photos make rooms look brighter and larger, therefore increasing the amount of buyers interested. You sometimes only have one chance to catch a potential buyers interest and this is usually the first step.


Decluttering your home makes it so when potential buyers walk through your home, they can picture it as their home. The fewer things in the home, the larger the home will look, so remove knicknacks and excess furniture. Also take down family photos,religious items,and political objects. This allows potential buyers to imagine their own family in the home from a fresh slate.

5.Update exterior and interior

When selling your home it is important to make sure it is updated to market styles and conditions. If you have a bright green wall in your room, it’s probably a good idea to paint over it. Try this, head to a brand new model home and check out how that home is full but to the perfect amount. Also get some inspiration for decorating and staging. Also research new trends that buyers are interested in.

6.Make the property easy to show

If the home is only available to show for a few hours a day a couple days a week it won't get that many showings. Be flexible when selling your house. Find a place for the dogs and have a go-to place when showings are taking place. Dont stay at the home during showings so that buyers can discuss the pros and cons honestly. 


Staging your home can show off what rooms can be used for. If you have an extra room and no role, give them one. Bring inspiration to your potential buyers. Move things around to create the most space possible. Whether you hire someone to do this, or do it yourself it always pays off.

8.Increase Curb Appeal

When that sign is in your front yard and you have people driving by for showings and open houses, you definitely want the house to look great on the inside and outside. Curb appeal is a pretty big factor in selling your home because if people don't even like the outside why would they want to go inside? Trim the grass, Touch up some paint, Rake the leaves, maybe even paint the door a new color. You get the idea.

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