Choosing The Wrong Tile May Lead To Divorce

Dated: 09/03/2018

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I am sick of my Master Bathroom. 

I mean...really...REALLY...sick of it.  

BUT I am stuck with it. 


Because I share the master bathroom with my husband of 30+ years and our design tastes have grown apart over the decades and sadly they should probably start dividing up spaces just to keep the peace. 

Yes, 10 years ago we purchased a "new build" home in the southwest part of Las Vegas and because we couldn't agree on some of the final finishes like tile, we just settled on the minimum "builder's grade" stuff and thought that we'd just figure it out and do our own thing after closing.  

Stupid. Rookie. Mistake. 

When buying a new build home — and you go into that mecca known as the Design Center — you need to be able to compromise. Don't just settle for builder's grade!  Unless you like it...or you are buying the home as investment property....that's an entirely different story!

To our credit, my hubby and I did agree on some lovely wood laminate for the great room and guest bedroom, a nice ceramic tile for the kitchen floor (backsplash still not yet decided on but I am hopeful) and neighboring powder room and a slate tile for the entryway that really went well with the wood laminate. However, the other bathrooms still have the original linoleum floor and those cheap one-piece tub-shower combo thingies! 


So, in order to keep my hopes alive that someday I can escape the builders grade bathroom, I look at articles about tile for inspiration and, when I see something I like, I will excitedly show my hubby...and then he will either roll his eyes or make a gagging sound. 


Maybe I should just paint a line down the center and he can do his half and I can do mine. 

Actually that's not a bad idea. 

I think I will go ask him...

Until next time! 


BTW: If you are thinking about buying a new build, do yourself a favor and bring a Realtor (like me) with you who can look out for your interests and can step in and be the design center referee if need be. 

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Choosing The Wrong Tile May Lead To Divorce

I am sick of my Master Bathroom. I mean...really...REALLY...sick of it.  BUT I am stuck with it. WHY? Because I share the master bathroom with my husband of 30+ years and

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